2001 BBQ Report and Photographs

The annual BBQ took place at Muiravonside Country Park on Saturday 7th. July and the attendance was 24 adults, 4 children and 4 dogs. There was some doubt as to whether it could or would take place when we arrived to set up at five o'clock, the rain couldn't come down any harder and it looked as if it was just going to continue. After about half an hour it eased a bit and the decision to carry on was made. Eventually the BBQ was lit, with the help of some white spirit and a bit of blowing, I won't say who blew hardest but cooking started about 6.30pm. The picnic tables were moved under the shelter of the open fronted areas, and members and friends started to arrive and the feast commenced.

The food consisted of burgers, chicken fillets, sausages, German sausages, potato salad, coleslaw, cheese (slices and grated), salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc.), trifle and cake. Soft drinks were available and folks brought their own refreshments of the more sustaining kind. The rain did stop by 6.45pm. and the evening turned out to be very enjoyable, the food was good, the chat was good, a prize draw was held and Louise Scott had the candles on her birthday cake to blow out, all seven of them. Considering the weather, the evening was voted a success by all who attended but as this is the second year we have been showered upon, (we blame 'T In The Park') there may be a move to a different date next year to try and break the tradition of the rain!

Selection of photographs taken during the evening.

Barbequeue Photographs

BBQ lit, but serious discussion goes on

BBQ lit, but serious discussion goes on

Well, it's not how we do it in Aussie!

Well, it's not how we do it in Aussie!

Some of the members and friends

Some of the members and friends.

A nice hot drink

A nice hot drink.

The youngest one

The youngest one.

Guess what he would rather have

Guess what he would rather have!